Poster mocking Admiral Kolchak of the White Army

11. Sputnik Kolchak – Shoot every tenth worker and peasant! Kulak and bourgeoisie bowing to Kolchak (seated)

(Source: Sputnik)

Kolchak (seated) is shown holding a flag which bears the writing ‘Shoot every tenth worker and peasant!’ A kulak (rich landowning peasant) and a bourgeoisie are shown bowing to Kolchak.

Kolchak, a naval officer, supported the Provisional Government and especially its pro-war position. He vehemently opposed the Bolsheviks and after the October revolution, the defeated Kerensky appointed Kolchak as Supreme Ruler of the Russian state. In that capacity, he gathered a counter revolutionary army (Whites). However, he was captured by the Red Army and executed by the Bolshevik government in February 1920.